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Destination marketing 2.0 – bringing social media to your region

We’re often told that social media is the future, in fact now, and of the opportunities it holds for the travel industry. But rarely do you see destinations embracing it and using it to full effect.
That is until recently, when Land of Valencia – the regional tourist board invited a group of bloggers to experience their destination with a series of bloggers’ trips.

BlogtripF1 – a destination marketing success story

A few weeks ago Land of Valencia – the Spanish city’s tourist board set about a rather daring destination marketing campaign – inviting bloggers from across Europe and the US to the region to discover it for themselves and go to the Grand Prix (hence the F1 title). It’s rare for tourist boards to take such a leap of marketing faith, but Valencia firmly believes in the power of social media marketing and is quickly becoming a pioneering region in this arena.