Shared Ownership Fractional Summit 2011 – just one month to go

With only one month to go to the Shared Ownership Fractional Summit MENA 2011, we’re pretty excited as Maia’s leading online shared ownership magazine LiveShareTravel is media partner for the event.

Not only will the Summit at Dubai’s Burj al Arab on November 21 offer fantastic opportunities for networking, but a broad agenda of presentations and panel discussions will focus on business opportunities and overcoming the region’s challenges. Last year’s event in Abu Dhabi was a great success as attendees explain in the following video…

There’s still time to book your tickets to Shared Ownership Fractional Summit MENA 2011. Meanwhile LiveShareTravel will be offering publicity to all conference attendees so get in touch with the LiveShareTravel team on to put your company before its shared ownership investors.

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LiveShareTravel partners with Fractional Life for Shared Ownership Fractional Summit MENA 2011

LiveShareTravel – the shared ownership showcase is delighted to announce it is joining with Fractional Life as media partners for the Shared Ownership Fractional Summit MENA 2011.

The summit will be held at the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel, Dubai, 21st November 2011 and LiveShareTravel ( will be reporting all the news and information before, during and after the conference.

Sarah Lee publisher of LiveShareTravel said: “We are very pleased to be working with Fractional Life on this major event, one of the most prestigious in the shared ownership calendar. The shared ownership market in the Middle East is gathering momentum and the conference being organised by Fractional Life will help drive its success.

“Fractional Life has always held first class conferences. They are sources of invaluable information, forums for ideas and debate, and where industry leaders do business. We look forward to helping make Shared Ownership Fractional Summit MENA 2011 a resounding success.”

Piers Brown founder of Fractional Life said: “LiveShareTravel shares our goal of raising awareness of the fractional and shared ownership sectors, and we are delighted to welcome them aboard as a media partner for our Dubai event. The MENA region has huge potential for asset sharing and the conference promises to be a fascinating event, offering great networking and educational opportunities.”

This is the second shared ownership summit organised by Fractional Life and this year the focus will be on all aspects of, and best practice in shared ownership including timeshare, fractional, destination and private residence clubs together with emerging fractional sectors such as yachts, aviation and supercars.

Additionally, presentations and panel sessions will highlight current market conditions, resort financing, development, branding, marketing, selling and management of vacation ownership properties. Delegates will also benefit from exceptional networking opportunities and meet the expert sessions.

Speakers include Brad Lincoln, The Best Group; Chris Allen, Citadel Trustees; Dimitris Manikis, RCI; Piers Brown, Fractional Life; Shafi Syed, RCI and The Registry Collection.



Notes to editors

LiveShareTravel is one of the world’s leading online magazines promoting shared ownership and fractional products to travel and lifestyle investors.

LiveShareTravel was launched in 2010 by Maia Communications Ltd to showcase the very best in timeshare and fractional lifestyles with news, features, consumer guides, resort listings and more. As well as being the destination for comprehensive information on timeshare and fractional, LiveShareTravel has a host of travel and lifestyle feature content and videos.


Fractional Life is the number one consumer lifestyle brand dedicated to growing the fractional ownership marketplace. The company has three divisions: interactive, fractional conferences and exhibitions (the Fractional Life Expo will be four years old this year) and publishing. With 19 different categories including fractional property, destination and PRC clubs, aviation, boats and yachts, classic and super cars and more, the website is the most comprehensive for users looking for help and purchase advice from over 300 fractional operators.

In April 2010 alone the website achieved over1,600,000 page impressions making it the most popular fractional ownership website in the world. Fractional Life: The Smarter Way To Own.


For photos or interviews

Contact: Sarah Lee


Tel: +44 (0)1536 626727 or +44 (0)794 1022147


Contact: Piers Brown


Tel: +44 (0)7879 652447

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LiveShareTravel and Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket take resales forward

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LiveShareTravel, the shared ownership showcase and online magazine, is proud to welcome Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket as a sponsor of its consumer guide to buying timeshare and fractional properties.

LiveShareTravel is the world’s leading online travel and lifestyle magazine showcasing timeshare and fractional resorts.

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket is the European leader in timeshare resales, located in Bournemouth in the UK, with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. The company has been a pioneer in bringing a professional and trusted solution to timeshare owners wanting to sell their timeshare and those who want to purchase one.

Given timeshare’s longevity, spanning 30 years in Europe, the circumstances of early purchasers may have changed. Families grow up and no longer holiday together or perhaps an owner’s financial situation, age or fitness become factors in limiting their travel.

By providing a buoyant and successful resale platform, Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket can offer timeshare owners and new purchasers every assurance they can sell their timeshare should their circumstances change.

Timeshare resale companies like Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket specialise in matching buyers’ needs with the weeks available from their database of sellers. And the company is listing its timeshare resales at resorts across Europe, the US and more on LiveShareTravel.

Sarah Lee publisher of LiveShareTravel said: “We’re delighted to be working with Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket. It is a greatly respected company that helps people realise their travel and lifestyle needs.

“We are passionate about sharing the very best that the shared ownership market has to offer with our readers and timeshare resales is an important aspect of this.

“Owners looking to sell should only deal with recognised and reputable timeshare resale companies like Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket and never discuss their details with anyone who cold calls them.”

Phil Watson managing director of Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket said: “It became very clear that LiveShareTravel has a strong passion for both travel and shared ownership and this is something that we share with them.

“As such, it was a natural choice for us to support them by committing to a sponsorship package. We are sure that this relationship will provide positive benefits, not just for each other, but also for the readers, owners and industry as a whole.”


UK-based Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket operates strictly in line with the Timeshare Act of 1992 and is a member of RDO (Resort Development Organisation) – the industry’s governing body. Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket is also a supporter of the new resales code of conduct introduced by TATOC (The Association of Timeshare Owners Committees).

LiveShareTravel was launched in 2010 by Maia Communications Ltd to showcase the very best in timeshare and fractional lifestyles with news, features, consumer guides, resort listings and more. As well as being the destination for comprehensive information on timeshare and fractional, LiveShareTravel has a host of travel and lifestyle feature content and videos.

For photos or interviews contact:

Sarah Lee
Tel: 01536 626727

Mark Pelleymounter at Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket
Tel: 0871 7816781

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LiveShareTravel Building for the Future at Fractional Summit Europe 2011

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Maia Communications is pleased to be able to introduce its newest product – LiveShareTravel ( to delegates of Fractional Summit Europe 2011, being held at the Marriott London Grosvenor Square, London from February 17-18.

LiveShareTravel is the shared ownership showcase, marketing and promoting developer properties through rich and engaging online magazine and multimedia content.

LiveShareTravel is a customised marketing package unique in placing professional travel writers in resort from where they generate real-time reporting, capturing the complete property and destination experience. The writers also use real-time marketing channels to generate a customised platform from which to showcase a property’s offering to a wider audience of potential buyers.

In January 2011 LiveShareTravel attracted more than 191,000 views of its client content and has achieved an Alexa ranking of 526,491 – all just 12 weeks after its initial launch.

Maia Communications director Sarah Lee said: “I’ve been working with the Fractional Life team and attending the annual Fractional Summit for some years now and have seen how it engages the best and most progressive developers and professionals in the industry.

“For this reason we valued the opportunity to exhibit at Fractional Summit Europe 2011, which has as its theme Building for the Future. We believe LiveShareTravel adds a new dimension and approach to the marketing of fractional lifestyle properties and is set to contribute significantly to the growth of the fractional industry, raising awareness of how great the product is with the widest audience possible.

“Fractional properties are a fabulous product for our times, with so many developers of high-end residential properties looking for new routes to closing sales.

“The one thing everyone in this industry agrees on is that fractional offers an exceptional lifestyle and it needs an exceptional marketing tool to show how it enriches the lives of its buyers. LiveShareTravel tells a fractional property’s story as it is lived – sharing it through video, vibrant photography and colourful features with a global online audience.”


Maia Communications is a dynamic, creative marketing communications agency specialising in travel, lifestyle, shared ownership and property. Maia Communications launched LiveShareTravel in November 2010.

For more information on LiveShareTravel visit:, contact Sarah Lee on 020 7193 4223 or email:

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Extra, Extra! Get the Breaking News on Juliette Foster

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We’re very excited here at Maia as we are set to join our favourite author and TV presenter Juliette Foster for an interview live on Twitter about her book Breaking News and more from 6pm this Wednesday.
It’s a great chance for aspiring journalists and writers to get the lowdown on working in TV and for the rest of us to get the inside track on Breaking News. The book has caused huge controversy in the media as people speculate who could have been the inspiration for its fictional newsroom characters. Juliette has so far remained tight-lipped, but she might let you into a few secrets on Wednesday.
This is the first ‘twinterview’ Juliette has ever done. In fact as a journalist more used to asking the pressing questions of the day it’s rare for her to be facing questioning herself. What’s more, Nicholas Owen won’t be asking the questions like in her most recent interview. This is the opportunity for anyone to ask questions of the BBC World presenter.

So what to ask? Here’s a little potted history on Juliette for inspiration:

Born in London, Juliette’s media career began in BBC local radio after graduating from St David’s University College Wales with a degree in History/Church History (see all you aspiring journos – you don’t need a journalism degree to make it!). She then followed up stints on Channel 4’s Dispatches with a number of other hard-hitting documentaries before moving to TV-AM, financial news station Bloomberg and then on to anchor Sky News, where she’s interviewed everyone from Tony Blair to Margaret Thatcher and Henry Kissinger. Four years later Juliette headed over to BBC World to present World Business Report and she’s been there ever since, bringing us the latest business and investment news, while spending the rest of her time penning Breaking News, her first novel.

But her career hasn’t all been about hard-hitting news, Juliette has also starred in The Vagina Monologues, sung on Five’s All Star Talent Show and had heaps of fun playing the spectral ghost in David McGillivray’s horror Worst Fears. Most recently Juliette has become lady mayoress of Surrey Heath and writes an entertaining blog – My Breaking News, in which she touches on some of her mayoral encounters.

So don’t miss this opportunity to quiz one of television news’ most established journalists and the publishing world’s most exciting new writers –  send your questions to @juliettefoster and include the hashtag #cueBreakingNews with your tweets. See you there!

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