Travel books series set to explore “how and why of travel”

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A new series of travel books focused on how people like to experience the world is set to launch later this month.

The Traveler’s Handbooks takes a fresh look at our global explorations, focusing on how and why people like to travel, rather than solely the destinations they visit.

The books are published by new independent publishers, Full Flight Press, founded by a group of expert travel writers and publishers including us, Maia Communications’ very own Sarah & Terry Lee.

We have authored The Luxury Traveler’s Handbook, which looks at ways to find luxury for less, in line with the ethos of our online luxury travel and lifestyle magazine, LiveShareTravel: liberating luxury for the smart traveller. The book will be published in UK and US editions.

Other titles in the new travel books series focus on career break, food, solo and volunteer travel.

Watch the travel books series trailer…

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