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We’re very excited here at Maia as we are set to join our favourite author and TV presenter Juliette Foster for an interview live on Twitter about her book Breaking News and more from 6pm this Wednesday.
It’s a great chance for aspiring journalists and writers to get the lowdown on working in TV and for the rest of us to get the inside track on Breaking News. The book has caused huge controversy in the media as people speculate who could have been the inspiration for its fictional newsroom characters. Juliette has so far remained tight-lipped, but she might let you into a few secrets on Wednesday.
This is the first ‘twinterview’ Juliette has ever done. In fact as a journalist more used to asking the pressing questions of the day it’s rare for her to be facing questioning herself. What’s more, Nicholas Owen won’t be asking the questions like in her most recent interview. This is the opportunity for anyone to ask questions of the BBC World presenter.

So what to ask? Here’s a little potted history on Juliette for inspiration:

Born in London, Juliette’s media career began in BBC local radio after graduating from St David’s University College Wales with a degree in History/Church History (see all you aspiring journos – you don’t need a journalism degree to make it!). She then followed up stints on Channel 4’s Dispatches with a number of other hard-hitting documentaries before moving to TV-AM, financial news station Bloomberg and then on to anchor Sky News, where she’s interviewed everyone from Tony Blair to Margaret Thatcher and Henry Kissinger. Four years later Juliette headed over to BBC World to present World Business Report and she’s been there ever since, bringing us the latest business and investment news, while spending the rest of her time penning Breaking News, her first novel.

But her career hasn’t all been about hard-hitting news, Juliette has also starred in The Vagina Monologues, sung on Five’s All Star Talent Show and had heaps of fun playing the spectral ghost in David McGillivray’s horror Worst Fears. Most recently Juliette has become lady mayoress of Surrey Heath and writes an entertaining blog – My Breaking News, in which she touches on some of her mayoral encounters.

So don’t miss this opportunity to quiz one of television news’ most established journalists and the publishing world’s most exciting new writers –  send your questions to @juliettefoster and include the hashtag #cueBreakingNews with your tweets. See you there!

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