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In our web-dominated world we often hear the phrase ‘content is king’ from people arguing against an obsession with SEO keywording, and quite rightly. But rarely do we hear people talk about the importance of good communication.

Content – be it the written word, photos, videos or podcasts is communication and as we all know the inherent value of good communication, shouldn’t we consider it to be king?

Since the beginning of time communication has helped civilisations develop and paved the way for modern economies. Yet it is constantly evolving – from cave paintings and early dialects to the printed word and multimedia platforms. But what we are seeing today is that the way people communicate ideas and share information is undergoing another revolution and it’s savvy companies that are engaging with them.
Today we’re more connected than ever before thanks to the increase in netbooks, iPads, smartphones and other mobile devices that keep us in touch wherever we are. Like it or not, this is giving rise to a whole new type of communication. But in a world where more and more things are competing for our attention it is increasingly hard for companies to get their message across.

Consumers aren’t necessarily any more demanding, but they are more aware of the many options available to them and they research your company and product online before getting in touch. So what will they find? A smart, well-presented and SEO-keyworded website? A lively and engaging blog? A community of happy customers and brand advocates engaged with your social media profiles? Or will they find a faceless company who’s strongest communications tool is a banner page advert?

Fact is people need to feel engaged with you and your product and word of mouth recommendations are proving more and more vital to businesses. According to Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics 78% of people trust reviews from their peers, but a mere 14% trust advertising. These stark figures illustrate the huge shift in our society and the way we seek information.

So there’s a clear need to interact with your customers – show the face behind the brand and build community to help customers understand your company and what makes you unique. Consumers don’t want spin, PR fluff or advertising, they want to form a relationship with your company and brand and good communications – be it features, blogs, photos, videos or podcasts is all important. So be natural, engage, and have fun in your online communication.

Whether your company has a website, or profiles on Facebook, Twitter etc. or not, people are researching and writing about you on the internet.  So ask yourself, do you want to inform the world about your brand or product or let consumers make up your story – good or bad?

3 Responses to “Why communication is king”

  • Arantxa says:

    Many tópics in your post!
    You aré right when saying brands should take action and talk about themselves but before that there’s an even previous step, brands should define themselves and find those key points to Connect with customers to engage through valúes and attitudes that aré linked to their products and services if they want to remind in people’s lifes.
    Arantxa Ros

  • Sarah Lee says:

    Thanks for your comment Arantxa, yes I think you’re right. Brands need to be relevant to their customers so they need to consider how their values fit with their target market. It’s also then about finding the right communications channels for them – just as every social network isn’t right for every brand/company not every communications channel will work for them either. But that’s another post!

  • John Beckley says:

    Great post Sarah, I agree communication is key. A brand should engage with customers and potential customers on a personal level not from behind a logo and the best place to do this is via Social Media.