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Influencing the new influencers, part one

We all know the internet is transforming the media landscape and the way that people find information. In the past the media giants held the power to influence and controlled the message through newspapers, magazines, television and publishing. But blogging and social media has changed the  balance of power. Word-of-mouth recommendations are becoming more and more important as a new breed of influencers is born.

Recently Land of Valencia, the regional tourist board, held a number of ground-breaking blog trips – you can read our posts from the trips here.

During the last one to Benicassim we met with deputy tourism minister Victoria Palau. Here in our interview with her she offers her view of the revolution taking place in tourism marketing and the increasingly central role that social media is playing.

Influencing the new influencers, part one: Victoria Palau from maiacomms on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Influencing the new influencers, part one”

  1. New media: finally giving destinations organizations a voice without the choice – they have to speak and now speaking means being able to face the customer at all levels, from the junior position, the 1.0 marketeers – so put on that smile and your best photogenic profile. Nice of you to reflect on the initiative Terry. See you in November if you’re in the Uk

  2. Thanks for comments Patrick, it is always good to get feedback. I agree with you social media is making good communications imperative.

  3. Thanks for the interview! It was a pleasure to talk to you. and thanks to Patrick for his comment. As a destination organisation (land of Valencia, in Spain) we are trying our best to meet the requirements of new tourist with a smile and photogenic profile!!!!

  4. Hi Victoria, Thank you for your comments. I think all of you at the Land of Valencia are succeeding in your quest.

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