Influencing the new influencers, part two

There is a big shift taking place in how brands relate to consumers and many marketers have realised the importance of influencing the influencers. This is also true in destination marketing. Recently Land of Valencia, the regional tourist board, held a number of ground-breaking blog trips – you can read posts from the trips here.

During the last one to Benicassim we met with Land of Valencia’s promotion executive, Joantxo Llantada. Here in our interview with him he offers an overview of their work, return on investment, and how the internet is changing the way people behave with brands and, in turn, the way marketers need to focus their campaigns.

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Why communication is king

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In our web-dominated world we often hear the phrase ‘content is king’ from people arguing against an obsession with SEO keywording, and quite rightly. But rarely do we hear people talk about the importance of good communication. Content – be it the written word, photos, videos or podcasts is communication and as we all know the inherent value of good communication, shouldn’t we consider it to be king?

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Influencing the new influencers, part one

We all know the internet is transforming the media landscape and the way that people find information. In the past the media giants – newspapers and TV held the power to influence and controlled the message. But blogging and social media has changed the balance of power.

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